How to install 

1. Get your sound card to work with the ALSA driver (
   At the moment, this program does not have support for other sound input.
   You'll need a current version (i.e. 0.9.1 or later). Alsa-lib should be
   compiled with jack support (--with-jack, read the howto for your soundcard,
   jack should be installed first).
2. Dependencies:

webserver. i use apache:
mysql server:
libshout:	in cvs on:
				but included here in the package directory as a tarball
perl DBI
perl CGI
local icecast server (optional)

3. Unpack the tarball in your webtree. Use .htaccess to saveguard your directory
   if you dont want others to manage your mp3-streaming. Note that icecast server
   passwords are transmitted in cleartext, so if you use this program over the web,
   you might want to use https for this interface.

   make a file directory writable by the user of apache (www-data on debian)

apache config to allow execution of perl scripts:

uncomment: AddHandler cgi-script .cgi

add this for your directories:

  Options Indexes Includes FollowSymLinks MultiViews ExecCGI
  AllowOverride AuthConfig

  Options Indexes
  AllowOverride Authconfig

4. Create a mysql database for the program. Example:
	# mysql 
	mysql> create database streambox;
	mysql> grant all on streambox.* to streambox@localhost identified by 'password';
  	mysql> quit

	mysql streambox < streambox.db

5. edit your local variables:
   and put it 
   in $filedir in startstream script

6. jack should be running as user www-data. you should do:
   su - www-data 
   (or make a on-boot script to start this)
7. edit all perl scripts that have a fixed filename (sorry about that, will change later)

You should now be able to start a stream from the web interface.

- if you use your machine on different ip's, apache will not start too well as it
  expects a servername/ip number in the configuration.
- the icecast ip number / servername in /etc/icecast/icecast.conf has a simular
to Fat Freddy and his cat for writing freestream (
to Gerbrand Oudenaarden for sponsoring the first development of this web interface
to the ASCII crew for talking into that microphone all the time (

This program was written by Jaap  and is published under the GNU public license
(see COPYING).